remote chatroom joining

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Nov 7 21:08:12 UTC 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Martin Atkins wrote:
> Typically if you want users from foreign domains to access your add-on
> service then you would publish a DNS record like this (the example is
> from the DNS setup, where we have a MUC service called
> conference   IN A

Thanks for the correction.

However, I'm confused about your distinction between "an XMPP
server that listens on port 5269" and "add-on service hosted by the
XMPP server at".

If I send stanzas to anything in the domain, (and 
please correct me if I'm wrong here!) my own server will connect to and start a stream like this:

     <stream to="">

This leads me to consider that is "a host handles XMPP 
S2S connections for both and on TCP 
port 5269".

What distinction are you making between these two things? Is it that doesn't accept C2S connections but 
does? Surely that's what the _xmpp_client._tcp SRV records are for?

(I should note that I'm probably being biased here by DJabberd's 
"Everything is a VHost" ethos. I'm aware that in jabberd 1 there is a 
much stronger distinction between servers and their services, but I 
would consider that to be merely a server implementation detail.)

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