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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Wed Nov 7 21:39:37 UTC 2007

Martin Atkins wrote:
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Martin Atkins wrote:
>> Typically if you want users from foreign domains to access your add-on
>> service then you would publish a DNS record like this (the example is
>> from the DNS setup, where we have a MUC service called
>> conference   IN A
> Thanks for the correction.
> However, I'm confused about your distinction between "an XMPP
> server that listens on port 5269" and "add-on service hosted by the
> XMPP server at".
> If I send stanzas to anything in the domain, (and
> please correct me if I'm wrong here!) my own server will connect to
> and start a stream like this:
>     <stream to="">
> This leads me to consider that is "a host handles XMPP
> S2S connections for both and on TCP
> port 5269".
> What distinction are you making between these two things? Is it that
> doesn't accept C2S connections but
> does? Surely that's what the _xmpp_client._tcp SRV records are for?

I mean that doesn't accept s2s connections. Now
they are hosted at the same IP address so it doesn't really make any
difference I suppose. Perhaps this is indeed an implementation detail.
I'll have to think about the DNS SRV implications, but in general we do
not recommend that you create a DNS SRV entry for services, only for the
root domain.


Peter Saint-Andre

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