A few questions about jobs and results

Joe Stump joe at digg.com
Mon Oct 15 23:51:50 UTC 2007

So I've got a worker firing jobs and the job sending stuff back  
(yay!), but I'm confused about all of the various ways to submit a  
job and how to fetch the results of those jobs. Also, there's some  
weirdness on fetching the results that I'm seeing.

1.) submit_job appears to work synchronously in that if the client  
disappears then Gearman kills the job essentially. Is this correct?  
Also, what's the difference between work_status and status_res? It  
appears Gearman sends one or the other somewhat randomly.

2.) submit_job_bg appears to be a "fire and forget" mechanism in that  
Gearman fires the job and then will give you a status, but when it's  
complete you can't poll Gearman for the result. Does this mean the  
job needs to put the result in a dumping ground that the client would  
then query once it noticed the job was done?

3.) There seems to be no definitive mechanism to tell whether a  
background job is done (or any job for that matter). Is this correct?  
It seems get_status returns status_res with known/running set to 0  
whether it's a job that's been ran or a job that doesn't exist. Does  
Gearman not store the result of work_complete or work_fail?




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