Net_Gearman 0.0.2

dangalist at dangalist at
Thu Oct 25 23:36:35 UTC 2007

Great, your patch seems to work for me also, there is just a warning now, but thats not big deal
Warning: stream_select(): The microseconds parameter must be greater than 0. in /home/domains/gw/ on line 251

Btw. does the "uniq" mode work for you? Everytime I set it, client gets timeout, I do it this way

$set = new Net_Gearman_Set();
foreach ($sums as $s) {
    $task = new Net_Gearman_Task('Sum', $s);
    $task->uniq = true;


> Od: joe at
> Komu: gearman at
> Datum: 26.10.2007 00:12
> Pøedmìt: Net_Gearman 0.0.2
>This release fixes the problem reported on the list earlier today. I'm
still not handling lost connections in the worker as I should be. I'll be
working on this more soon, but at least the polling problem has been
>Please email me if you find any other bugs.
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