Sean Chittenden sean at
Wed Dec 8 12:08:44 PST 2004

This isn't final, but for those of you writing PHP, Apache, APR apps, 
this release is probably of interest to you.

*) Allow multiple memory contexts.

This isn't of use to most people and the old API still works, but now 
it's possible to do the following:

ctxt = mcMemNewCtxt(...);
mcm_server_add(ctxt, "", "11211");
struct memcache_req *req = 	mcm_req_new(ctxt);
mcm_req_add(ctxt, req, "foo", 3);
mcm_get(ctxt, req);


The mcm_*() API is the exact same as the mc_*() API, except it requires 
a 'struct memcache_ctxt *' argument.  All of the mc_*() calls are 
implemented as mcm_*() calls with a global memory context.  Please 
don't mix and match mcm_*() calls with mc_*() calls.  Anyway, please 
thump away and let me know if there are any problems.  The 1.1 release 
is API compatible with the 1.0.X versions with the exception of some of 
the older memory context APIs.  I bumped the library version, however, 
to deal with any inconsistencies.  Enjoy.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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