Cache invalidation of memcached entries using database triggers

David C obiwantcp at
Sat Sep 11 20:39:13 PDT 2004


Has anyone written memcached client applications to do cache invalidation?
I was thinking of writing a Perl or PHP daemon towatch for Postgresql's 
NOTIFY/LISTEN signals (plus a helper table or two to help infer which record 
add/delete/modify will affect which memcached entry) but I have no idea how 
reliable NOTIFY/LISTENs are. I figured some of you may have found a good 
use for cache invalidators and maybe even made one so I'd like to ask your 
opinion on whether to do this with memcached and what to expect. Thanks!
If you have done it with other languages (Python, Dotnet, etc) or other 
databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server) please let me know as well. We use
just about everything in the shop.

-- David
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