some memcache usage stats

Cahill, Earl ecahill at
Thu Apr 21 14:33:16 PDT 2005

Just thought folks might be curious.  We launched memcache to cache some
conf files a few weeks back, and today I figured out how to get some what I
thought were interesting stats back.  

We have three boxes with up to 2 gigs of ram dedicated to memcache on each
box.  The boxes are dual Xeon 2.80GHz boxes with 4 gigs of ram.

Those boxes get hit by around fifty web boxes, each getting around twenty
hits per second

Today I found that the avergage host averaged the following

bytes               => 389,591,759
current connections => 870
curr_items          => 620,316

Per host, per second, we are doing the following
Gets => '431.564115091378'
Sets => '0.54893441080739'

The average uptime for each process is 19.7 days.

The load on the boxes was right around 0, like 0.03.

To be honest I was a little concerned when we launched.  I ran some tests
and hoped things would be fine, but launching something and introducing a
new dependency and possible bottleneck made me a touch nervous.  But I think
as the above stats show, happy day, all is well.  I almost think one box
could handle it all, but the redundancy/remap is nice to have.


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