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Richard 'toast' Russo russor at
Sat Jul 2 10:46:59 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2 Jul 2005, Jamie Burns wrote:

> Hi Guys/Gals,
> I currently implement caching in my application, and I have abstracted this into an object. So, implementing a memcached backend would be trivial.
> My question is: how much faster do you think memcached would be over my current implementation which involves storing and retrieving objects using the filesystem. And if I was to use a RAMDISK, would there still be a performance gain?

This is pretty hard to answer.  Depends a lot on how good of a filesystem 
cache your os has, and if you have enough memory on the clients to support 

The big win for memcached is that requests are split over the farm.  So 
the more front ends you need, the bigger your cache.  (Depending on the 
bottlenecks on your backend, maybe you want to run memcached on the 
backend machines too...)

If you've only got one front end, and you already have some sort of 
caching mechanism, memcached isn't going to help

> Thanks for your thoughts -- Will help me decide wether to write the memcached backend.
> :o)
> Jamie.

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