udp bugfix

Iain Wade iwade at optusnet.com.au
Sat Nov 11 17:40:58 UTC 2006

I note that the current UDP support is broken for anything other than GET.

This is due to GET calling add_iov direct (and refcnt'ing the object)
whereas a lot of other bit use out_string (which accumulates in a
per-connection buffer).

The current code only adds that buffer to the iovec if the iovec is
empty, which is never the case for udp because of the reserved header

Result: Failed to write, and not due to blocking: Bad address

The fix is below.

Thanks for making a fantastic piece of software Brad (and others).


--- memcached.c.orig    2006-09-10 03:10:21.000000000 +1000
+++ memcached.c.udp_fix 2006-11-12 04:32:33.000000000 +1100
@@ -1551,13 +1551,13 @@
         case conn_write:
              * We want to write out a simple response. If we haven't already,
              * assemble it into a msgbuf list (this will be a single-entry
              * list for TCP or a two-entry list for UDP).
-            if (c->iovused == 0) {
+            if (c->iovused == 0 || (c->udp && c->iovused == 1)) {
                 if (add_iov(c, c->wcurr, c->wbytes) ||
                         c->udp && build_udp_headers(c)) {
                     if (settings.verbose > 0)
                         fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't build response\n");
                     conn_set_state(c, conn_closing);

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