Issue with memcached - cpu pegged and no response

Jeremy jeremy at
Sun Nov 12 09:23:02 UTC 2006

We've been having an issue with memcached 1.2.0 on Fedora Core 5 on am 64bit
AMD with 16gigs of memory.

Memcached is running with the following parameters:

memcached -d -p 11211 -u nobody -c 1024 -m 14336

About every two weeks we'll run into a situation where memcached will lock
up with 100% cpu utilization and become unresponsive.  Only work around is
to restart the daemon at which point we loose our cache.

Is there any known issues around this?  The interesting thing from our side
is that this has happened on the same exact machine 4 times now, while we
have another machine in the same cluster that has been running with no
problems at all.  Exact same configuration.  Nothing from the OS indicates a
hardware problem.

Please let me know what other information is important in helping to debug
this problem.

Thank You

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