Memcached and MediaWiki

Anderson Schulle aschulle at
Sun Nov 19 18:56:14 UTC 2006

Any chance someone could help me with a step by step instruction on how
to install memcached in mediawiki?

FYI, my host is running:

Operating system  	Linux
Kernel version 	2.6.17-11_1.BHsmp
Apache version 	1.3.37 (Unix)
PERL version 	5.8.7
PHP version 	5.1.6
MySQL version 	4.1.21-standard-log

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Anderson Schulle wrote:
> Danke, Moritz.
> The package based system was something I didn't know about. The only
> thing I know, is that I downloaded the following
> from the
> website.
> I did look up some info on what you mentioned, but since I haven't
> worked with any of those packages yet, I don't know which route to go.
> If I understand you right, I'd download one of those packages, upload
> them to my server, and then....?

No, what he means is that your OS distro likely has some sort of package

manager built into it.  Gentoo has portage, RedHat has up2date/RPM, 
Debian has apt-get.  Your particular OS will have a supported package.

Of course you can always build memcached yourself from the source you 
have downloaded.  AFAIK, 1.2.0 is in use in production systems.  We are 
running 1.1.12 as that is the current version supported by Gentoo's 
Portage package system.  1.2.0 is still in testing for Gentoo.


Brian Moon
It's good to be cheap =)

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