Win32 port patches

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Fri Nov 24 16:04:01 UTC 2006

I've created some patches to be applied against the current svn memcached. 
These patches are for adding Win32 support and they are intended as a step 
towards making the port part of the main memcached branch.

I currently don't have access to a Linux box, so I'll need help from someone 
who does to test the patches don't break the build under that platform.

Here's the explanation about the three attached patches (you can also get 
the patches from 

1) memcached-01-warnings.diff
Reorganizes some stuff in the code and also adds some castings that are not 
automatic in some platforms (such as incrementing a void pointer and the 
like: "void *a; a++;")

2) memcached-02-functions.diff
Abstracts some functionality by adding run, stop, pause and continue server 
execution functions to memecached (two of which are not yet implemented)

3) memcached-03-win32.diff
Adds the necessary files and the extra modifications to make memcached 
support Win32

There are still some options not implemented (which could prove to be 
difficult to implement too) but most of the functionality is there. It still 
needs some testing and tweaking, but it's already functional and all the 
patches are verified to have BSD license.

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