Win32 port patches

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Sat Nov 25 18:09:40 UTC 2006

About the comments:

> > 1) memcached-01-warnings.diff
> > Reorganizes some stuff in the code and also adds some castings that are 
> > automatic in some platforms (such as incrementing a void pointer and the
> > like: "void *a; a++;")
>You can download VMWare Player for free, then download a Debian sarge/etch
>instance which is like 100 MB or so compressed.  Alternatively, we could
>just test it for you, but that might get tedious for both of us.
I'll get access to a box, I was just lazy about getting the image or 
installing linux ('cause I already have VMware running; I'l also try under 

> > 2) memcached-02-functions.diff
> > Abstracts some functionality by adding run, stop, pause and continue 
> > execution functions to memecached (two of which are not yet implemented)
>Avoid thatCaseStyle in that file.  be_consistent().   I'm not religious
>about one form or another, but I am religious about consistency.
I'll change that, it does look inconsistent... I'm somehow used to the camel 
style, so I didn't notice it.

> > 3) memcached-03-win32.diff
> > Adds the necessary files and the extra modifications to make memcached
> > support Win32
>Those case 9 literals are gross.  Make them an enum or #defined or
You're totally right, I grant you that, it's gross (I'll work on it too) :P


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