off-topic networking question

Daryn Nakhuda daryn at
Mon Nov 27 07:28:06 UTC 2006

Brad et al, sorry for the off-topic post, but as a long time memcached 
user,  I know y'all are the smartest people around  :)

Anyway, I'm starting a new biz, and we're getting gig-e connectivity 
through cogent. I've never dealt with a pipe bigger than a DS3, and 
cogent of course has no router recommendations, so I'm at a loss for 
what to pick. The lil' ciscos routers I've used in the past don't appear 
to handle that much bandwidth/throughput, but according to their spec, 
unless I'm reading them wrong, nothing really does except for their 
super-big-and-expensive boxes.

I'm totally a software guy, but I'm the one who has to get this network 
going, so any guidance any of you all have would be much appreciated, 
and we can/should definitely take it off the list.



p.s. Brad -> last week we apparently nearly started a fire (and knocked 
out the power to) one of our cabinets directly across from the old lj 
cabinets at fisher plaza.. lol.

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