multithreaded version of memcached on solaris?

Jeremy Kronuz kronuz at
Tue Nov 28 17:46:08 UTC 2006

spider wrote:
>Hmm... sounds intersting... anyways i am trying it out on a solaris box.  
>going thru the docs i found that the for libevent, the /dev/epoll device is
>required ( a kernel patch is available ) if compiled on Linux.  libevent 
>work on normal select with a degraded performence in absence of this patch. 
>guess solaris too does not have anything like /dev/epoll...correct me if i 
>wrong... would that affect the performence of memcached on solaris compared 
>Linux ?... just guessing...
Solaris has /dev/poll since Solaris 7 I believe, and the new libevent 
supports Solaris event ports as well.

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