Inconsistent performance

Steven Grimm sgrimm at
Thu Apr 19 19:07:45 UTC 2007

FYI, the multithreaded version (assuming you're running in MT mode) will 
help a lot in situations like that. Multiple "get" requests can be 
serviced in parallel.

Of course, as you say, any multi-get that large is probably a sign of an 
application bug.


Chris Hondl wrote:
> We have seen latency on the memcached server end in one scenario: 
> large multi-gets from other clients.  Due to a bug part of our 
> application was occasionally generating a 10,000+ key multi-get.  This 
> caused other clients to see pauses while the memcached server handled 
> that request. 
> Other than that we see no significant latency.
> Chris

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