dormando dormando at
Mon Dec 3 08:32:51 UTC 2007

... is in SVN.

Pulled from Dustin's tree, and gleefully applied all three of his patch
series into a single svn commit. Dustin; I understand svn branch (yeuch)
a little better now, and can redo that into three commits in about two
minutes if you think it's any better ;)

I haven't tested the code, but I gave it a brief review and believe it's
good as a starting point.

Now we need to:

- Get more peer review. Find the bugs, write tests, etc.
- Style inconsistencies. Nitpicky but helps combined development
(memcached could use more of this in general. so obvious 10+ people have
patched it).
- Finish any missing features?
- Performance test, blah blah.
- Documentation. Binary protocol doc, usage doc, etc.

Uhh. What else? I want to give it a thorough review to understand that
it doesn't leak memory or overwrite its own buffers, but I've been
pretty gosh darn sick for the last four days so it hasn't been done by
me yet. I know a ton of crazy people read this list tho, so please go
crazy and find out! :)

I'd absolutely love to have the process of hammering out 1.3.0 done
within two weeks. There's not a lot of code here and the theory's not
difficult. The potential client benefits are huge.


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