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William Ottley williamottley at
Mon Dec 3 19:06:15 UTC 2007

If memcached is just a layer of caching on top of the existing
database, can someone explain to me how its possible to have user #1
write to database #1, and have user #2 access database #2, with the
same "changed" information that user #1 wrote to database #1?

if memcached is to communicate to all the databases, with the "server
list"? Is it that user #1 isn't really writing to the database, but
writing to the memcached? and then after a while it gets sent down to
the database? that's why user #2 can quickly access the writing done
by user #1, because all the memcached machines are fast, because its
all up in memory?

Thanks for trying to get a systems admin to understand database
functionality! :$


On Dec 3, 2007 12:16 AM, Brian Moon <brianm at> wrote:
> William Ottley wrote:
> > hmm so really i should be bugging the people at livejournal, that use
> > memcached, to figure out how they are able to sync all of the "global"
> > servers they have that are using memcached....
> They sync their database servers, not their memcached.  Memcached is
> just a layer of caching on top of their database.
> PS. please respond on the list to get the most help possible.
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