[Fwd: Showcasing memcached at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008 DotOrg-Pavilion?]

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Sun Dec 9 20:52:02 UTC 2007

Brian Moon wrote:
> dormando wrote:
>> Anyone up for this? :)
> Well, I will already be at a booth for Phorum.  But, there are 3 of us
> for that booth.  So, if we get booths next to each other, we could pull
> it off.
> I don't have any banners, flyers etc. for memcached though.  I would
> need help with that.
> However, I am not an interals guy on memcached.  I can talk protocol and
> implementation with the best of them.

(re everyone, not just brian since he's obviously busy)
We'll have talks going on about memcached internals, so it's not that
necessary for the booth. I'd love to have implementers at the booth.
Folks who can share war stories, tips, caveats, etc. A cheat sheet of
answers to internal questions should be enough.

You don't have to be an ultra genius to step up for it :) Represent the
community, and enjoy the shared session pass.


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