CancelledKeyException in SPY memcached-2.0-pre5

Andrew Miller amiller at
Wed Dec 12 08:11:56 UTC 2007

> 	This appears to be a bug in java on Linux.  It's a bit difficult  
> for me to reproduce myself, but here's the information that's been  
> given to me so far:
> 	It may be the following bug:
> 	It's claimed to be fixed in a later release, but I don't know in  
> which version.
> 	Would you be willing to work with me on confirming the problem  
> goes away for you?


Thanks for the reply and those links -- that sounds like the exact  
problem we're having.  Upgrading a minor JVM revision (i.e. within  
the 1.5 tree) is probably feasible for us, though it'd be a tough  
sell for me to require all the apps to go to java6 to fix this  
problem -- We've discussed it but it'd take a release/QA cycle or  
two. Also a lot of our developers are on macs, where there is still  
not a supported java6 implementation.  Obviously that doesn't prevent  
us from running java6 in production but I'd rather keep the 'It  
worked on MY machine, it must be the JVM' chatter to a minimum if  
possible.   :-)

If there are some code based workarounds that didn't cruft up your  
code too much, I'd be more than happy to test - I have the new  
implementation on a branch and have a development environment I can  
abuse for a little while.  I can also get away with upgrading the JVM  
in that environment to see if that fixes the problem, but may not be  
possible for me to get said JVM into production if my only choice is  
the java6 early access build.  (Apparently the fixes are not yet in  
jdk6u3).   I downloaded 1.6.0_10b08 (latest early access build) and  
I'll see if I can reproduce the problem tomorrow.


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