Developing memcached, how should we do it?

Trond Norbye Trond.Norbye at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 12 14:45:04 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I am working on a team at Sun Microsystems focusing on Memcached, and we 
have just completed the integration of Memcached 1.2.2 into OpenSolaris 
(it will be available in the next build). Our next step will be to try 
to improve the scalability on multicore-machines, so we are about to set 
up our development and test environment. I would therefore like to get 
some ideas on how we should do this from all of you.

My first question is about SCM.
We are a team of developers here that are going to be working on the 
code, and want to share our work with the team while we're working. I am 
not a big fan of sending "diff-files" within the team and applying them, 
since tracking the changes will become difficult (until we're done so we 
can push a patch back out to the community to get it integrated into the 
Subversion repository).

How is this being solved by other companies?

Test environment:
I want to set up a test-suite to cover as much as possible of Memcached. 
How are people doing this?


Trond Norbye

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