UDP support in the binary protocol

Aaron Stone aaron at serendipity.cx
Mon Dec 17 03:26:36 UTC 2007

While writing up the docs for the binary protocol, I read over the UDP
protocol description in the text protocol document. Do I understand
correctly that the UDP protocol support really is just an eight byte
preamble ahead of each text protocol query, and chunking of responses?

Going through the four fields of the UDP header and comparing with the
binary protocol header, I see:

0-1 Request ID
  -- Binary protocol's 32 bit Message ID field.
2-3 Sequence number
  -- Missing...
4-5 Total number of datagrams in this message
  -- Missing...
6-7 Reserved for future use; must be 0
  -- Binary protocol has reserved space, too.

Do we want to add 32 bits to the binary protocol for UDP sequencing? Has
this been discussed before? If so, please point me in the direction of
such a thread in the mailing list archives!


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