BRAINSTORMING NEEDED: Memcached Slowing Machine

Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Feb 26 22:40:17 UTC 2007

Paul Boyes wrote:
> We have a FreeBSD server running a variety of php (web based) scripts 
> that access/use memcached (latest version).   We have found  that the 
> machine, after a period of time begins to slow down.   And, when we 
> restart memcached it picks back up.  Any ideas you have as to why this 
> might be happening would be greatly appreciated.  I will gladly provide 
> more information if needed.  I am not sure what to provide though.  In 
> genaral, I am would just like to know what might be causing thing or 
> what might be happening.

Have you tried reducing your memcached size?  Increasing?  Using another 
server for the memcached?  It sounds like something is wonky on the 
server.  Maybe a hardware issue.  Our whole site is served out of 
memcached and we have not seen anything like this.


Brian Moon
It's good to be cheap =)

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