MemCached experience with C# and Win 2003 Server

Roni Schuetz schuetz at
Wed Jan 3 19:51:47 UTC 2007

Hi all,

we are working on our project: and we would like to
memcached. Does somebody have implemented memcached with C# ( or any other
.net language ) on Windows 2003 Server?

Can you share with use some experience you got with memchached in this
constellation and
maybe you're able to provide us also some sample URLs.

In our constellation we have some back end servers which are doing the whole
work and adding
data to memcached cache. The client is retrieving his requested data from
our front end servers which
are accessing same shared cache. we want to store such data for several
minutes and then we can
release / delete it from the cache.

many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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