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Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Nov 12 15:55:17 UTC 2007

> When you use patched client and trunk server, you effectively do not
> wait for the results in the client (even though they are being sent to
> it).  That's why you see the speedup (though the mix would block at
> some point).  No, Perl assignment is not that slow, see numbers above.
> You see 14->4 saving, and you'll perhaps see a bit more when you use
> patched server.  Everything is correct :).

I disagree.  I don't see anything here that is not a Perl client tweak. 
    200ms for 100k sets is not a significant increase for me.  And since 
it requires a perl client trick of knowing if you are returning a value 
or not it does not seem that portable to other clients.  Not sure how 
you do that in the PHP, Python, C etc.


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