Java Library + Consistent Hashing

Rakesh Rajan rakeshxp at
Thu Nov 15 20:32:42 UTC 2007

> 2) Any specific reason on why there is only a synchronous *get *but not
> synchronous *multiget *( I found only async *multiget *in the API doc ) ?
> There is both asyncGetBulk and getBulk.
Sorry, my bad.

Couple more questions that came up:

- Regarding binary protocol, are there any restriction on the server version
( on development machine I am running a windows port 1.2.1 and on
production, it is 1.2.2 )?  If so, which is the server version that I should
be using ? ( I remember seeing some mails about binary protocol in server in
this list, but not sure if it is released / in svn ).

- I see that the binary protocol is present in 2.0 pre release branch. Are
you planning to get a release out any time soon ?

- I really like the fact that the library tries to perform some optimization
on storing some native objects. Have you also looked at these optimizations
            -> Collection of native object
            -> Class containing native objects

- Regarding the feature, "*There is only one thread for all
processing"(mentioned in the website),
does this apply even in case when I run my server in multi-threaded mode ( I
have a dual proc machine and planning to run with thread = 2 ) *

- This is out of topic, but does any one know when is the next release of
memcached server happening?

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