Data splitting

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Mon Aug 6 15:03:17 UTC 2007

> Perlbal talks to your webserver, then your webserver talks to your tracker
> (mogilefsd) or memcached (which has the results of get_paths), and your
> webserver replies to Perlbal with the locations of the files in MogileFS
> mogstored node(s), optionally telling Perlbal to cache that mapping
> internally (Perlbal can internally cache a URL -> @locations for 'n'
> seconds).

Could you give an example of this? I'm a bit confused.

Say user Bob uploads a photo.  The web server receives the file and sends it
to MogileFS, which then stores it somewhere.  I'm guessing MogileFS returns
and gives the application some file ID?

Next Bob is forwarded to a page where he now sees his uploaded photo linked
to a web page.  To get the image URL, the application would need to figure
out the URL of that file ID.  It tells the web app this URL:

The web app then passes that to Perlbal, and Perlbal translates that into:

Is that how it works?  I'm just guessing here.
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