mogilefsd does not start anymore

Jonathan Steinert hachi at
Wed Apr 9 21:58:13 UTC 2008

That fid (leftmost column) looks like a 32bit maxint, I'm going to wager 
that your AUTO_INCREMENT on tempfile is pegged all the way at the 
highest value it can be.

If you really have that many files, then you'll need to switch to 64bit 
fids... or this could be a sign that you tried to supply your own fid 
during file creation and passed in an integer too big for your mysql setup.

I've seen this happen before, please expand on your setup a bit... 
number of files, how you create the files, and what sort of machines 
you're running this on.


sanados wrote:
> MySQL self-tests failed.  Your DBD::mysql might've been built against 
> an old DBI version.
> any1 seen this error message before and/or know how to solve that?
> did not change anything on my system, except a svn update and recompile.
> (side note: had to kill some index from base tables for i use ndbcluster)
> rebuilt DBD::mysql and DBI already
> i find that row in the table tempfile:
> | 4294967295 | 1207551042 |       0 |   99 | 
> _server_startup_test         | NULL   |
> when i delete that row i can start up mogilefsd ... though the tracker 
> will not answer my calls.

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