Input on best practices for serving files

dormando dormando at
Fri Apr 11 08:36:55 UTC 2008

Maybe if you give us something a little more like a TOC? I'm a little 
lost in seeing how you're organizing this.

I'm thinking something like:

- WTF is MogileFS?
- Overview of moving parts (can has perlbal, can has tracker, mogstored, 
db, etc)
- Why does it scale (no raid, individual devices, individual hosts, ...)
- Installing / getting it going / requirements (two hosts.. devices, etc)
- Overview of mogadm
- Code examples for storing data
- Full example of serving up data
- Basic troubleshooting.
- Advanced stuff
   - Adding a "read" http to mogstored's (does not require DAV)
   - Replacing a mogstored (requires DAV, something to dump iostat)
   - Managing tracker jobs. More repls == more DB load, blah blah.
   - What each of the tracker jobs does
   - !watch on a tracker
   - Monitoring
   - DB stats (see earlier thread for some info!)

I dunno. stuff.


> I've just now started and probably won't get anything published
> tonight (flogging accepted, but only if a beer is bought first).
> Here is what I am thinking of the organization, since I think that
> organization is key (and I had to spend some time on the Google Code
> org)
> An overview which branches into two main categories: Storing and
> Serving.  Then, of course, a more dynamic troubleshooting or errata
> node that should be roughly "living" based on what gets posted on the
> mailing list (common problems, as well as upcoming things that may
> need additional testing?)
> Storing will be recipes and step by step guides from a basic setup,
> using lighttpd or apache2 + webdav, setting up a secondary service for
> read-only access (I'm still not 100% sure on how to do this, so
> feedback welcome).
> Serving will be basically Mark's writeup, just cleaned up and some
> code in place.  If someone could offer me a little snippet of perlbal
> knowledge to do minor URL translations I'd be very appreciative.  Just
> some example code or a doc to look at for it and I can fill in the
> rest.
> If this sounds like a good structure to start with, I'll get this
> posted up sometime tomorrow.  Any other feedback please send my way!
> Thanks,
> -Jay

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