Input on best practices for serving files

J. Shirley jshirley at
Fri Apr 11 14:11:24 UTC 2008

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 1:36 AM, dormando <dormando at> wrote:
> Maybe if you give us something a little more like a TOC? I'm a little lost
> in seeing how you're organizing this.
>  I'm thinking something like:
>  - WTF is MogileFS?
>  - Overview of moving parts (can has perlbal, can has tracker, mogstored,
> db, etc)
>  - Why does it scale (no raid, individual devices, individual hosts, ...)
>  - Installing / getting it going / requirements (two hosts.. devices, etc)
>  - Overview of mogadm
>  - Code examples for storing data
>  - Full example of serving up data
>  - Basic troubleshooting.
>  - Advanced stuff
>   - Adding a "read" http to mogstored's (does not require DAV)
>   - Replacing a mogstored (requires DAV, something to dump iostat)
>   - Managing tracker jobs. More repls == more DB load, blah blah.
>   - What each of the tracker jobs does
>   - !watch on a tracker
>   - Monitoring
>   - DB stats (see earlier thread for some info!)
>  I dunno. stuff.
>  -Dormando

The main reason for not having a TOC like that is because it would be
a lot of duplicate content that should be in a MogileFS-Manual
distribution (IMO).  I tend to draw more of a mental line between a
manual and a wiki, but that may be less of an issue since the Mogile
wiki isn't an open system and the wiki then can be the manual.

If that's the direction you guys think is best, I'm fine with it.


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