Input on best practices for serving files

dormando dormando at
Fri Apr 11 17:47:27 UTC 2008

> The main reason for not having a TOC like that is because it would be
> a lot of duplicate content that should be in a MogileFS-Manual
> distribution (IMO).  I tend to draw more of a mental line between a
> manual and a wiki, but that may be less of an issue since the Mogile
> wiki isn't an open system and the wiki then can be the manual.
> If that's the direction you guys think is best, I'm fine with it.
> -J

I'm just thinking of the best way for people to actually get 
information... There're a lot of questions, and if places for the 
answers are at least stubbed out it'll make adding the info later less 
awkward. I despise wiki's that attempt to hide information behind clever 

Or you can do it however you want! We're all free here, you just asked 
for input :)


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