Types of access control for clients

Jay K jayk at ion0.com
Mon Feb 11 19:27:11 UTC 2008

Thanks.  I will investigate and if I come up with anything I think
will be of general use, I will most certainly post back.


On Feb 10, 2008, at 1:53 PM, dormando wrote:

> Jay K wrote:
>> HI Dormando,
>> Thanks.  That's kind of the conclusion I came to with my reading thus
>> far.
>> Am I right in thinking that if I wanted to add access control it'd
>> have to be in both the tracker and the storage daemon?
>> If I were to undertake a simple access control patch / hook would it
>> be something that the dev team might be interested in integrating?
>> Mostly wondering if others have interest in access control
>> functionality.
> A set of appropriate hooks (and an example plugin) could be
> acceptable.
> We don't typically do this due to the possibly significant required
> overhead, especially on the mogstored's... There'll be a few things to
> consider:
> - Mogilefs protocol doesn't have a handshake, and mogstored's just
> perlbal. The mogstored is also single-processed. So you might end up
> with a request_token command or some crazy hook situation.
> - It'll be important to cache the info on the storage node.
> - Maybe you just want to use DAV for the mogstored's?
> Dunno what else. Good luck :)
> -Dormando

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