non-blocking SSL patch

Mark Smith smitty at
Wed Oct 10 03:26:12 UTC 2007

> Hey dudes, I think my mail client screwed up some headers and somehow
> buried my SSL update in the middle of our thread on the list (sure... blame
> the client!) so I wanted to repost to make sure someone else saw it. I'd
> really like it if someone could help test this update out a little bit and
> perhaps even get it moved into trunk? I know Brad is busy retiring... so
> hopefully this will reach the appropriate parties.
> The Patch:

Thanks for bumping.  I remember seeing the mail but forgot about it.

I have tested your patch on my local machine, but it's still blocking.  I
dug into the IO::Socket::SSL code and it seems that it still does blocking
behavior unless you get fancy and manage the reading/writing yourself with
the WANT flags.

So I spent the last number of hours and took your patch as a start and
followed it to the logical conclusion.  I've committed my work in revision

Would love to get some eyes and hands on that.  I still don't recommend
Perlbal SSL for production load.

Thanks Greg for motivating this.  :)

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at
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