XRID proposal for YADIS - Opinions anybody?

Benjamin Yu benjaminlyu at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 13:32:12 PST 2005

Thank you for the clarification. I think the XRI descriptor format will work
just fine.

--- Drummond Reed <drummond.reed at cordance.net> wrote:

> Just to clarify one thing (which both Ben and Lukas asked about):
> In this proposal, there is NO requirement or connection to using XRIs or XRI
> resolution to address the YADIS document. You can use OpenID or LID or
> another other URL you want to retreive it.
> The point of synergy is that all of these would point to the same type of
> discovery document in the same format. This is the reason the idea of using
> XRID as the service/capabilities description format came up is that when
> Johannes & David first brought up YADIS with us. We immediately saw that
> YADIS service discovery step was exactly like the same step in XRI
> resolution that retreives an XRID. This is especially true since an XRI gets
> turned into an HTTP URL during XRI resolution.
> We then realized that there was no need to start with an XRI to request an
> XRID -- you could request it with any URL assigned to it, so OpenID and LID
> URLs would work perfectly.
> And since XRIDs need the same simple, generalized service description format
> as YADIS, that's when we realized the potential synergy of using the same
> description format for both YADIS and XRI resolution.
> The XRI TC was very receptive to this on the calls we had last week, so
> that's why we're going down this road. But again, there is no requirement
> whatsoever to use XRIs to retrieve an XRID/YADIS document. The synergy
> really comes down to:
> OpenID URL--------------->|
> LID URL------------------>|
> Any other identity URL--->|-------> YADIS discovery document/XRID
> XRI---------------------->|
> Any other discovery URI-->|
> =Drummond 

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