Announcing YADIS...again

Martin Atkins mart at
Sun Oct 30 02:59:50 PST 2005

David Recordon wrote:
> Some months ago, Brad Fitzpatrick, Johannes Ernst (of NetMesh and LID),
> and myself got together to figure out how to make the OpenID and LID
> personal digital identity technologies interoperable as to leverage each
> protocol's most compelling features with each other .  We figured this
> be a good idea given that both are based on URLs as identifiers and  are
> bottom-up initiatives with fairly similar goals. Working on this
> problem, we realized quickly that what we were really building was a
> bottom-up, light-weight interoperability framework for personal digital
> identities since we addressed the problems in a quite general manner.

...and after all of this faffing about and debating, I think I've
finally figured out what all of this is in aid of.

A consumer provides a single box to enter your identity URL. User enters into the box. How do we know what kind of
identity it is? It might be an OpenID, LID or other system's URL.

Two options:
* Have the user choose "OpenID", "LID", "..." from a list in the form.
Pretty lame. Users don't know or care about the difference between
OpenID and LID.
* Have a standard way that a consumer can ask the identity server what
kind of server it is. Or, more accurately, what protocols it supports.

So we just have a mechanism for determining for a given identity URL
what protocol should be used to talk to it without asking the user. That
way multi-protocol consumers/servers can be created without requiring
users to understand how the technology works.

Have I got the jist?
If so, why didn't you just say that in the first place? :)

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