Announcing YADIS...again

David Recordon david at
Sun Oct 30 21:30:03 PST 2005

> A consumer provides a single box to enter your identity URL. User enters
> into the box. How do we know what kind of
> identity it is? It might be an OpenID, LID or other system's URL.
> Two options:
> * Have the user choose "OpenID", "LID", "..." from a list in the form.
> Pretty lame. Users don't know or care about the difference between
> OpenID and LID.
> * Have a standard way that a consumer can ask the identity server what
> kind of server it is. Or, more accurately, what protocols it supports.
> So we just have a mechanism for determining for a given identity URL
> what protocol should be used to talk to it without asking the user. That
> way multi-protocol consumers/servers can be created without requiring
> users to understand how the technology works.
> Have I got the jist?
> If so, why didn't you just say that in the first place? :)

Yep, you got it.

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