php api

dangalist at dangalist at
Thu Oct 25 13:37:56 UTC 2007

I was testing the net_gearman class using the example runSet.php which sums numbers from an array,
but experienced weird behaviour. The worker.php runs smooth untill I call the "Sum" function, then gearman
goes 100% and worker.php about 70 - 100% of cpu usage. The function returns result very quickly, but both processes
keep hanging at these high values since that and causing other requests to timeout in short time. Gearmand 
cpu load goes down right after I kill worker.php, so I guess there is some loop which keeps hitting gearman 
after first job request. Isnt there newer version of this class so I could test it, it is maybe already fixed.  I am using
PHP Version 5.2.4 in fast cgi mode on gentoo.


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