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Thu Oct 25 16:01:23 UTC 2007

Weird, I'll check it out.



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> I was testing the net_gearman class using the example runSet.php  
> which sums numbers from an array,
> but experienced weird behaviour. The worker.php runs smooth untill  
> I call the "Sum" function, then gearman
> goes 100% and worker.php about 70 - 100% of cpu usage. The function  
> returns result very quickly, but both processes
> keep hanging at these high values since that and causing other  
> requests to timeout in short time. Gearmand
> cpu load goes down right after I kill worker.php, so I guess there  
> is some loop which keeps hitting gearman
> after first job request. Isnt there newer version of this class so  
> I could test it, it is maybe already fixed.  I am using
> PHP Version 5.2.4 in fast cgi mode on gentoo.
> Goodwill
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